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Artist Profile

David was born in Iowa City, Iowa and lived his first 18 years in Downey, Iowa (a very small town with less than 100 people), David is a country boy at heart.  He attended Catholic school and took every art class offered. David graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2007 with an art degree in the culinary arts. 
David’s current series “Phoenix Series” puts forward a new chapter of his artistic expression.  David hadn’t touched a paint brush in over ten years when he started this series. He started by priming over his old paintings to prep the canvas for a new start: The Phoenix.  Just as the legendary bird the Phoenix would rise from its own ashes so has David’s art.  His new “Phoenix Series” is about the simplicity of color and contrast. 
David’s latest works have focused on the use of unorthodox supplies.  His garage is his studio.  His easel; a sheet of plywood cut in half on hinges. His use of common household supplies consist of utility and cleaning brushes as well as a few orthodox brushes.  Paintings are mixed media on stretched canvas. 
David lives with his wife Laura, bearded dragon named Spike and his cats in Eden Prairie Minnesota. 
Thank you for your time and checking out my work   -

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